Safari tourism is key to taming wildlife conflict

the world-history Huai Kha Khaeng natural world Sanctuary isn't a regular nature reserve. located in Uthai Thani and Tak provinces, it's been enshrined as a image of flora and fauna conservation by the legacy of its former chief and renowned conservationist, Seub Nakhasathien. So it is no wonder that the branch of countrywide Parks, natural world and Plant Conservation (DNP)'s latest plan to expand safari tourism on the threshold of the sanctuary has drawn resistance from many.

The assignment stems from a feasibility observe conducted through Kasetsart university's college of Forestry and funded by the UN improvement Programme. The safari tourism venture will offer driving excursions and function a canopy walkway. Plans require the construction of a 3-kilometre trail above the treeline and a hotel with restaurants and craft shops controlled by using neighborhood people. The path will fee an estimated 100 million baht. The safari area will not be located within the sanctuary. rather, it will be evolved on 15,000 rai in the reserve's buffer quarter. The region has been distinctive as community forestry and is also domestic to locals. regrettably, there have been confrontations between these villagers and wild animals.