Zurich tourism boss calls for shops to be open on Sunday

In an interview with Swiss every day Tages Anzeiger, the CEO of Zurich Tourism, Martin Sturzenegger, stated that the metropolis should extend buying and selling hours to attraction to the increasing numbers of traffic from america, India and the Gulf States. He stated that a lot of these visitors had been from big cities wherein buying changed into an crucial part of the way of life. In comments designed to spark debate on the difficulty, the tourism boss additionally stated Sunday purchasing might be a shot within the arm for a retail region that turned into coming under growing threat from on-line sales or from human beings buying throughout the border in Germany. study also: What Swiss residents need to recognize about pass-border shopping ìSunday shopping may also help corporations because then they might be open whilst Zurich locals have time to keep,î he stated. Sturzenegger conceded the idea of Sunday buying become ìpolitically sensitiveî [because of potential conflict between unions and shop owners] and that it became now not clean how the concept might be acquired through citizens or unions.

The tourism director said Zurich had analysed the situation in places like Luzern and Interlaken in which Sunday purchasing already exists. the subsequent step become to speak about the opportunity with shops, he said. but the head of the federation of trade unions inside the canton of Zurich, Markus Bischoff, said Zurich already had liberal beginning hours and that calling for Sunday buying might be ìa declaration of warfareî. meanwhile, Lorenz Keller, the co-director of the union Unia for Z¸wealthy-Schaffhausen, stated that the Zurich tourism director was trying to exchange place of work laws ìthru the again doorî and that the proposals might best assist massive retailers while smaller organizations might no longer benefit. presently, stores in Zurich can open from 6am to 11pm from Monday to Sunday, even though many open from 9am to 8pm. On Sunday, best shops at train stations and on the airport, as well as petrol station shops, are allowed to be open.